Utah Jazz draft picks 2023, 2024, 2025: Full list

The Utah Jazz have a good amount of draft capital entering the next few years, to a point where it’s a little hard to keep track of.

After last offseason’s deals involving both Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, the Jazz have acquired a ton of draft equity. Dealing both of your star players in one offseason for future assets is a hard trigger to pull, but has effectively set the Jazz up for the future for years to come.

Across the next six drafts, the Jazz will potentially hold 14 selections in the first round.  Whether those picks be used in a trade, or to draft Utah’s next stars, these are amazing assets to be able to hold onto. One year removed from the blockbuster deals of Mitchell and Gobert, it still looks like it’s a success.

Utah also managed to pick up another first-round pick at the 2023 trade deadline in the Jazz-Lakers-Timberwolves three-team deal. Who knows, maybe the Jazz add even more this offseason?

While Utah does have a ton of firsts, they actually don’t hold as many second-round picks as you would think; holding only two within the next six years. I guess when you have as many firsts as the Jazz, holding onto those second-round picks isn’t as necessary.

Here’s the collection of all of the draft picks Utah owns across the next six years:

2023 draft picks:

  • Utah’s own first-round pick
  • Minnesota’s own first-round pick (unprotected)
  • Philadelphia’s first-round pick (unprotected)

2024 draft picks:

  • Utah’s own first-round pick (protected 1-10, if the pick falls outside of the top 10, Oklahoma City gets the pick instead)

2025 draft picks:

  • Utah’s own first-round pick 
  • Cleveland’s first-round pick (unprotected)
  • Minnesota’s first-round pick (unprotected)

2026 draft picks:

  • Utah’s own first-round pick (can swap pick with Minnesota)
  • Utah’s own second-round pick

2027 draft picks:

  • Utah’s own first-round pick
  • Cleveland’s first-round pick (unprotected)
  • LA Lakers’ first-round pick (protected 1-4)
  • Minnesota first-round pick

2028 draft picks:

  • Utah’s own first-round pick (can swap pick with Cleveland)
  • Minnesota’s own first-round pick (protected 1-4)
  • Utah’s own second-round pick
All of this information was found through Pro Sports Transactions.